The Significance of Galvanized Steel Pipes

Galvanized steel pipes have been widely used in older homes due to their perceived durability and resistance to corrosion. The protective zinc coating on these pipes ensures longevity and strength, making them a trusted choice for plumbing systems. At least on the outside.

Common Issues with Galvanized Steel Drain Pipes

Over time, galvanized steel lines usually face certain challenges. Mineral buildup and corrosion can lead to internal rusting. Over time, this restricts water flow, lead to clogs, and usually causes leaks. Additionally, the deterioration of the zinc coating can at times expose the underlying steel, making the pipes more susceptible to rust and eventual failure.

Close-up view of a galvanized steel drain pipe showing its textured surface and metallic appearance

Identifying Steel Drain Pipes

Look out for discolored water, reduced water pressure, frequent clogs, or visible signs of corrosion, such as rust stains or flaking on the pipes. And of course, the pipes themselves. If you have hard gray / steel colored pipes then you may have galvanized steel.

Inspecting and Maintaining Galvanized Steel Drain Pipes

These pipes have a general useful life expectancy of 50 years, which means if you have them in your home they are either going or gone. It is our recommendation that any and all galvanized steel pipes be identified and removed at your earliest convenience. Meaning, if you are doing work on a bathroom, tear those pipes out. It is only a matter of time until they fail.


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